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  • Witness: Ex-minister complained about pressure from Najib on solar project

    Dr Madinah Mohamad told the High Court that former education minister Mahdzir Khalid had complained to her about the pressure he was receiving from Najib Razak regarding the hybrid solar project in Sarawak.The former secretary-general of the education ministry said Mahdzir among other things told her that Najib verbally ordered him to implement the hybrid solar project and that the former prime minister was quite upset that the project appeared to have been delayed.

  • 5 Tips to Handle a Burnout

    Burnouts are a common form of exhaustion that every worker will come to deal with. This is the case if you’re in a field that requires tons of creativity.  Burnouts have to be dealt with from the moment you sense one coming on. If you feel you are experiencing one, here are 5 ways to handle a burnout: